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Our Learning Commons offers students a variety of programs, clubs and services to enhance literacy and learning. Speak to a member of our staff for more information.

Name of Program or Service Description
Battle of the Books

What:  A reading program for students who love to read. Participants read approximately 30 books together as a team.  Students join other students from across Durham, at the public library to compete and share their knowledge about the books they have read.

Who:   2 teams - Junior (Grade 4-6) and Intermediate (Grade 7-8).


Coding Club

What:  Students are developing coding, stop motion animation and robotic skills once a week throughout the year in the library.  Students are using drag and drop coding skills to code their robots. 

Who:  Junior and Intermediate students.


Eco Spirit Council

What: An Eco club where students participate in various eco initiatives and projects with a focus on stewardship of creation.  Environmental projects such as gardening, waste and energy conservation, Water Wise projects

Who: Students from Grades 3-8.



What: Students use the Inquiry Learning Model to research a topic of Canadian significance and then present that learning in any medium they choose (drama, dance, music, models, paintings, drawings, comics, etc.).  A small group of students is invited to the Durham Region Heritage Fair Adjudication night.

Who: Students from Grades 6-8


Social Justice - Me to We Club

What: Students work together to gain an understanding of the issues around hunger, poverty, and lack of education and explore how they can help. The 'Me to We' club plans local and global action to improve their community and the world.

Who: Students from Grades 6-8








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