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Our educators provide parents and guardians with information on what's happening in their classrooms. Find your class webpage below.

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Class Webpage

Mrs. Sonnenschein


Mrs Drummond and Mrs. Smyth


Mrs. Senechal and Mrs. Barnett


Mrs. Chebry 

Grade 1

Mrs. Delvecchio

Grade 1/2

Mrs. Ward 

Grade 2

Mrs. Gowan

Grade 2/3

Mrs Cassell

Grade 3

Mrs. Toste

Grade 3

Mrs. Shewchuk Grade 4 
Mr. Lazzaro 

Grade 4

Mr. MacAulay

Grade 5

Mr. Pinheiro

Grade 5

Mr. Bonnell

Grade 5/6

Mrs. Van Ryn

Grade 6

Mrs. Porco

Grade 6/7

Ms. Quinn 

Grade 7

Mr. Maglioli 

Grade 7

Mr. Brown 

Grade 8

Mrs. Pargetter

Grade 8

Ms. DeNoble

Grade 8

Mrs. Dwyer 


Mr. Robin
Mme Allain-Taylor 

French as a Second Language

Ms. Grainger  Program Support

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